PG Series

Positioning Guideway Integrated with a magnetic encoder
Basic Dynamic Load Range: 27.1 kN – 184.9 kN


– Additional components are completely internal, saving installation space
– Maintains high rigidity as well as high accuracy
– Both the sensor and the magnetic strip are protected from harmful external contaminants such as dust, iron chips etc.
– Non-contact measuring sensor for longer life
– Can measure distances up to 30m
– Can withstand humidity and high temperature environments, along with oily, dusty and high vibration applications
– High resolution
– Easy installation


• Injection moulding • Printing, paper manufacturing/converting • Textiles sewing/weaving • Food processing • Wood cutting/finishing • Semiconductor manufacturing • robotics • X-Y tables • Measuring and inspection equipment • Medical X-ray/MRI/CAT- scan • Transportation • Construction • Cut to length machines

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