Preparation Units

Discover top-notch air preparation products for superior pneumatic performance. Our high-quality air filters, regulators, and lubricators ensure optimal efficiency and precision in industrial applications. Explore our comprehensive range of air preparation solutions designed to enhance your systems’ reliability and reduce downtime. Elevate your operations with cutting-edge technology and durable components.

Choose AirTAC for excellence in air preparation products.

Elevate your pneumatic systems with AirTAC’s preparation units, offering low, medium, and high-pressure solutions. Experience exceptional pressure regulation accuracy and rapid response times for optimal performance.

Our popular metallic bowl-type preparation units set the industry standard. The radiation-proof metal bowl boasts excellent aging characteristics, making it ideal for outdoor applications. These units are perfect for high-pressure requirements or challenging environments, ensuring reliability and durability in every use.

Installation is a breeze, offering flexibility for independent placement with a bracket or seamless integration with existing filter components. Explore the following series to find the perfect match for your application:

  • GA Series
  • GP Series
  • Other Series


But that’s not all. Complement your air preparation units with our range of additional components, including pressure switches and vacuum components. Choose AirTAC for a comprehensive solution that delivers reliable, high-performance results across diverse industrial settings.

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