Super S Type


Low noise (5~7dB lower than traditional series)
The patented design of the return unit can absorb noise caused by the impact of the steel balls, thus greatly reducing noise intensity.

Space-saving and weight-lightening design
The ballnut diameter is 18%~32% smaller than the traditional series.

Dm-N value up to 220,000
The patented design of the return unit can improve the strength of the return structure, achieving a Dm-N value of up to 220,000.

High acceleration and deceleration velocity
The pathway of the specialized return unit, as well as the ballnut’s strengthened design, reduce the impact experienced by the balls. It can therefore sustain peak performance in more rigorous operating environments, such as high acceleration and deceleration.

Accuracy grade
Precision ground ballscrews are available in JIS Grade C0~C7; Rolled ballscrews available in JIS Grade C6~C10.


CNC machinery, Industrial machinery, Electronic machinery, Precision machines and other high speed machinery.

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