Electric Cylinders

The PNCE are electric cylinders with a precision ball screw drive. The electric cylinder is based on the standard ISO 15552. It’s outer design and dimensions are very similar to pneumatic cylinders.

High performance features include:

• high speeds
• good positioning accuracy and
• high repeatability

These features are ensured via a precision ball screw with reduced backlash (preload on request) of the ball nut and non-rotating piston rod. For a long service life the re-lubrication can be done through a lubrication nipple.

The design with its smooth surfaces enables easy cleaning of the cylinder. In combination with lubricant class H1, it is also suitable for food & beverage applications. It can be additionally equipped with switches and ISO standard accessories.

Maximum stroke: 1200 mm
Maximum travel speed: 2.5 m/s
Maximum axial load: 16500 N
Axial backlash: <0.02mm

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