Mechatronic Cylinders

Dyadic’s Mechatronic Cylinders feature a motor, encoder, drive and actuator in one integral package. Dyadic has developed the linear actuator drive mechanism such that the screw and nut are optimized for high accuracy, long life and low cost while delivering high speed and peak thrust.
Mechatronic cylinders are available in a range of stroke lengths and are constructed using an extruded aluminum body with 303 stainless for the shaft and rod tip.

• Set up many moves, each with individual values for position, speed, acceleration, etc.
• Electric actuators – programmable in 15 minutes and can be connected in networks of up to 16 axes.
• Moves can be relative, absolute, force controlled, and more
• All actuators run on 24VDC – easy to connect to your existing power supply!
• 10,000km (400 million inches) standard minimum life
• Air cylinder replacement mode and move sequencing available in the cylinder!
• RoHS compliant, CE Certified, Low-Voltage Low-Energy

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