Screw jacks are designed to lift heavy loads, with either a trapezoidal screw or ball screw.
– Trapezoidal screws are an economical option with a self-locking feature
– Ball screw types are used where a higher duty cycle is required

NOSEN advantages:
– Dedicated manufacturer of power transmission products: screw jacks and bevel gearboxes
– Low cost, reliable, quality products
– Offering a complete screw jack system including all required accessories
– Design and product selection support by qualified engineers
– After-sale support and service
– 12-month manufacturer replacement warranty

NOSEN product range:

RN-Series worm gear trapezoidal screw jack
RNF-Series worm gear trapezoidal screw jack (modern design)
RNK-Series worm gear ball screw jack
RNS-Series bevel gear screw jack
RN-Series spiral bevel gearbox
RNV-Series spiral bevel gearbox (modern design)